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RSS Feed Converter

Build a Feed!

The tool below will help you format a feed's display with the information you want to use on your web site. All you need to enter is the URL for the RSS source, and select the desired options below.

First, be sure to preview the feed to verify the content and format. Once the content is displayed how you like, just use the generate javascript button to get your code. Once the content looks okay, move on to our style tool to make it pretty.

URL Enter the web address of the RSS Feed

Show channel? (yes/no/title) Display information about the publisher of the feed (yes=show the title and description; title= display title only, no=do not display anything)
yes title no

Number of items to display. Enter the number of items to be displayed (enter 0 to show all available)

Show item descriptions? How much? (0=no descriptions, 1=show full description text, n>1 = display first n characters of description)

Show item posting date? (yes/no) Display the date the item was added to the feed.
yes no

Open links in a new window? (yes/no) Should links open in a new window or replace the content in the page containing the feed?
yes no

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